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2. Breathing with Ease

3. breathwork exploration

Breathwork helps you activate the parts of your body and mind that support healing and deep recovery. We use a mix of the best techniques to give you a deep healing experience with a slow and rhythmical breathing practice.

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Calm, gentle and slow-paced yoga suitable for everyone. We give the nervous system a chance to reset and restore your body.

man doing yoga

Yoga, Breathwork, and Mobility:

1. Feel Good Friday

Yoga, good vibes and movement. Let's let go of tension and stress, reboot and welcome the weekend.

man doing yoga

Strength Training:

1. strength training

Join us in the pursuit of timeless strength using Timed Static Contraction. Embrace the simplicity, feel the power, and embark on a journey towards a stronger, longer life.

Private Training:

By appointment. One-on-one training sessions for personal transformation. Your choice between:

You will be primed for the cold plunge through focused breathwork. Post-plunge, you'll be led through a gentle warm-up routine under the soothing glow of the red light therapy panel, culminating in a serene session within the comfort of the infrared sauna.

man standing in front of red light therapy machine

Online Facilitation:

By appointment. Can't make it into the studio? Talk to Niclas and enjoy class virtually. Your choice between:

man standing in studio holding weights

90 Day L.I.V.E. Strong Challenge:

Transform Your Life in 90 Days!

Embark on a journey of transformation.

Are you prepared to dedicate yourself to 90 days to experience profound changes? Join us at the studio for bi-weekly sessions where you'll engage in:

These classes will be tailored just for you. Your commitment involves just 15 minutes of daily practice and two one-hour sessions weekly with Niclas.

Experience not only a physical transformation but also gain invaluable tools for lifelong health and vitality.

Empower Yourself to Live Stronger, Longer!


You have questions? Let's answer them.

Here, we adopt a comprehensive holistic health approach; employing a diverse range of modalities to unlock your utmost potential.

Absolutely! No prior experience is necessary— we’ll expertly guide you through in a safe and effective manner.

The most powerful step is arriving with an open mind, prepared to delve into the exploration of your entire self.

You will embark on a transformative journey to explore various facets of your being. Through this experience, expect to cultivate strength, resilience, and very likely extend both your life and health span.

It varies based on the method. Breathing techniques often yield immediate results, while mobility and strength training may require a few months before noticeable changes become apparent.

Absolutely! While certain breathing techniques and cold exposure may have contraindications, rest assured, there’s a tailored approach suitable for everyone’s unique needs

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Words From the Community

“Niclas guides his students in a gentle yet well-structured way, enabling each individual student to practice according to their capacity. Niclas is welcoming, allowing presence with a full focus on the wellness of his students. The studio space echoes beauty and balance with its emphasis on holistic health. Live Strong Studio will continue to be my go-to place for rejuvenation.”

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(Social Educator)

“Niclas has a unique way of guiding one through the exploration of the breath. He offers a calm and safe foundation for one’s practice drawing on his knowledge and experience. It is a truly satisfying experience to explore the breath in a completely different way. I can warmly recommend a breathwork session with Niclas.”

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"When you come to Live Strong Studio you enter into a calm and warm environment which has all the tools needed for perfect training. Niclas has broad experience in professionally training clients and that makes his studio unique. I can warmly recommend breathwork with Niclas and Live Strong Studio because it’s a special experience. It’s well worth a visit."

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