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Are you looking for vitality reduced pain more strength  reduced stress more endurance an energized body

At Live Strong Studio we bring positive changes into your life by guiding you to strengthen your body and mind.

Together we will access:

The Power of Your Breath

Trade shallow, inattentive breathing for mindful awareness of your breath and experience the multitude of benefits breathwork has to offer.

Unlock this superpower to attain peak physical wellness, achieve emotional clarity, and deepen your spiritual self-awareness.

The Power of Your Body

Embrace a sense of vitality and resilience through strength training and mobility.

Experience heightened emotional well-being and an overall boost to your health.

The Power of Your Mind

Acquire the wisdom and skills to propel yourself further on the path to health and well-being.

Explore effective techniques from diverse disciplines and receive enduring tools that will empower you to lead a long and vibrant life.

Unlock your full potential

Live Strong's unique methods are designed to elevate your well-being and empower you to live stronger, longer.


Enhance your well-being by harnessing the potential of your breath. Join us for a transformative breathing experience.


An embodied yoga practice based on how it feels, not what it looks like. Tap into your curiosity and trust your own experience.


As we age, preserving muscle mass becomes increasingly important. Strength training assures you will attain a higher quality of life.


Cold Exposure and Red Light Therapy to rediscover your vitality. Join us on a journey of healing and rejuvenation.

Visit our programs page to learn more about each of our classes in detail.

Niclas is the perfect combination of cognitive spa, inspiration, training and feel good. His knowledge, expertise and sincere way of caring about each person’s well-being makes him stand out among the others in this field. Niclas inspires me to care more about myself!

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Lisa Stenson

Introducing Our 90 Day L.I.V.E STRONG Challenge

L - Learn to Breathe

I - Ignite Your Strength

V - Vitalize Your Movement

E - Empower Yourself

Introducing Our 90 Day L.I.V.E STRONG Challenge


Learn to Breathe


Ignite Your Strength


Vitalize Your Movement


Empower Yourself

maximize your life

Choose a future full of vitality, strength and endurance by joining us at Live Strong Studio.

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